Swiss Watches: Reviews on Rolex Daytona Collection

replica rolex daytona
replica rolex daytona

Talk about the famous watch, it is hard not to think of Rolex, study on Rolex is difficult not to mention the what kind of a watch of Daytona in the end? then let us take a look today.

Daytona was famous through the race activities

Daytona is a city in the U.S. state of Florida, from the beginning of 1903, it is famous for they held many activities. Even in September 3, 1935 created a record of 481.81 kilometers per hour, that is amazing. This is known as the car of the capital city, best rolex replica began sponsoring the “Rolex 24 at Daytona” endurance race in 1962.The following year, it was 1963, the first Daytona watch was born.

From 1963 to 2013, a total of 9 Daytona watches were born, they were:6239、6241、6262、6264、6263、6265、16520、116520、116506.Daytona has used 5 models: Cal.72B, Cal.722-1, Cal.727 core, Cal.4030, Cal.4130.Basel in 2014, Rolex launched the new platinum diamond Daytona, it is equipped with 4130 movement.

Good design and high quality movement created a classic watch

I always think PN Daytona (short for Paul Newman, namely the Daytona 6262) is the most beautiful sport steel watch, its excellent design and high quality movement created a generation of classic. Due to the scarcity of production and having many fans, coupled with Italian speculation, the classic Paul Newman Daytona’s market prices rising to today’s average transaction price of more than 50 million from original 2 million. If there is a special font on the dial or case, it is to sell millions or even millions of prices! It is crazy enough. Now the price is too expensive!

If you want to get the Paul Newman Daytona watch, or you take it from game player who you know through and through, or you take a full set of subsidiary goods.

Replica Hublot: The Most Fashionable And Comfortable Watches For You

Different from the traditional timepieces, Hublot replica watches manage to combine precious metal and natural rubber straps, which serves as the greatest feature of Hublot. Men with Hublot watches on their wrist , they don’t need to worry about how to draw attention of females. And they don’t need to worry about how to feel comfortable wearing the watch all the time. Replica Hublot highlights severe beauty of strong hands and always make you feel comfortable. Buy Hublot replica Watch online – make an exquisite present for yourself!

Hublot in French means “porthole” and Crocco created the first watch in the history of watchmaking that had a natural rubber band. For many years, leather or metal straps have been the conventional design of wrist watches. But when the natural rubber was introduced by Hublot, a revolution was swept across the watch industry. The striking rubber design was not only a fashion statement but a brand image. Crocco spent three years researching to create a form-fitting, natural band that adapted to each customer’s unique wrist shape. So the replica Hublot UK fits perfectly to give the wearer that feeling of lightness and comfort.

When it comes to fashionable manufactures, Hublot is easily in the top 3. The industry considers them one of the hippest brands despite their relatively short history. Even though the company was established in 1980 it had mediocre success. Until 2003, when Jean-Claude Biver went on-board. Before, Jean-Claude Biver was responsible for Swatch Group brands. His approach to the brand was different and revolutionary. As a result, the Big Bang was released in 2005. It was an instant success. In 2008, French luxury conglomerate LVMH acquired the brand from its founder, Italian businessman Carlo Crocco. The story of Hublot from this moment on is pretty well-known. A success story thanks to Biver and his unorthodox marketing approach.

The name of Hublot easily reminds us of its iconic model, Big Bang. The design inspiration of Hublot Big Bang originated from the original style in 1980s. From both design and functionality, replica Hublot Big Bang is undoubtedly a complex timepiece. Indeed, replica Hublot Big Bang itself is like a revolution. The round case, natural rubber strap and bolts. Replica Hublot Big Bang makes an excellent job in displaying the concept of blending. While large case matched with angular bezel, such perfect proportion serves as the foundation of beauty for wrist watch.

Replica Watches for Men: Reviews on Omega Speedmaster 311. Watch

Omega Speedmaster 311. Watch is equipped with matte black zirconia ceramic dial, with the diameter of 44.25 mm, complementing each other with the matte and polished ceramic case. On the black ceramic bezel there are black paint speed scales. One of the most iconic design features of the Speedmaster series- matte chromium nitride speed scale in the polished ceramic bezel is particularly eye-catching. The overall layout of the watch is simple and clear. At 3:00 position it is the 60 minutes and 12 hours timing dial, at 6 o’clock position it is the date display window, at 9 o’clock position it is the small seconds dial.

The black ceramic watch case has been dealt with the polished and matte process, from the side, the thickness is moderate, and the angular is clear. The integrated watch ear is more fit on the wrist. It is matching with the black ceramic screw-in gear crown, and the top is engraved with the Omega logo “Ω”. The two polished ceramic chronograph buttons can be used to function independently, thus avoiding the effect of accidentally pressing the wrong button on the timing device. What located on the left side of the crown is the clock reset button, and the right is the time pause / start button.

As one of the Replica watches for men, this extraordinary timepiece is equipped with highly durable black Cordura fabric straps, the benefit of nylon fabric is more comfortable to wear in sports. In addition, with black ceramic clasp, Omega in the details keep ultimate pursuit. The scrub pointers and scales are blackened and covered with black Super-LumiNova luminous coating, under any conditions to ensure that the wearer can be easy to read the time.

This Omega watch uses the flat convex anti-wear sapphire transparent back, on the polished ceramic watch back edge there is engraved with Matte nitriding words “DARK SIDE OFTHE MOON”. The watch is equipped with the pioneering Omega 9300 homemade coaxial movement, and is equipped with Si14 silicon material balance wheel, which can provide 60 hours of power storage and the waterproof depth can be 50 meters.