Celebrities With Rolex Watches

When you think of a Rolex watch, you no doubt think of the words ‘luxury’, ‘success’ and ‘status’ – and who is more successful than a world-famous actress, musician or sports personality? Next let’s get to know these famous wearers and their Rolex watches.

Justin Timberlake – Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40

The new trend back toward yellow gold is getting a boost from Justin Timberlake who had been wearing his Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 many times, including in his Can’t Stop the Feeling video. The Day-Date is often called the President’s Watch and was a favorite of Lyndon Johnson.

Daniel Craig-  Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi

British actor Daniel Craig is best known for his roles in the current James Bond movies. While James Bond now officially wears OMEGA watches (after decades of wearing Rolex watches) Daniel Craig himself has several Rolex replica watches in his personal collection. And amongst them is a GMT-Master II with a Pepsi dial.

Tom Brady – 50thAnniversary Rolex Milgauss

Just as Tom Brady holds a special place in the history of football, the 50thAnniversary Milgauss model holds a special place in the history of Rolex. Brady is one of only two players to win five Super Bowls. Additionally, he remains the only player to have collected the trophy while playing for a single team. Just as the Milgauss is Rolex’s only watch to use colored sapphire glass. All in all, the legendary quarterback and time-honored watch are a perfect match for each other.

Roger Federer-  Rolex GMT-Master II

With the 2017 Australian Open Final win, Roger Federer reaches 18 major titles, four more than Nadal, cementing his place as the all-time great. To make the occasion even more special, the final was Federer’s 100th match in Melbourne. Emotions were high and Federer was in tears after collecting his trophy. Roger Federer has been a long-time ambassador of Rolex and the Swiss luxury brand was promoting the GMT-Master II heavily at the Australian Open. From the picture above, you can see the best GMT sport watches- a Rolex GMT-Master II BLNR (bleu/noir), is on the wrist of the best man- Roger Federer.

Swiss Watches: Patek Philippe 6002 Review

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Patek Philippe has been established for 176 years, and it has always been famous for its Advanced Techniques in the field of complex function. Its most outstanding representative should be the Caliber 89 which was launched in 1989. With 33 complex functions, it become the world’s most sophisticated portable mechanical chronograph, and still holds the all-time record now. Ref. 5002 astronomical Tourbillon wrist watch (Sky Moon Tourbillon) was the most complex patek Philippe wrist watch, whose two watch dials can show 12 complex functions in total. Today, the birth of the astronomical tourbillon Ref. 6002 as its successive production, but also redefines the concept of super complex function with the top watch making technology and artistic innovation ability in the field of watch industry.

Patek Philippe “Astronomical tourbillon” wrist watch Ref. 6002 is applying the Embossing 18K Platinum case, whose size is 42.8 in diameter, and its golden-texture watch dial is decorated with the enamel and wire inlay enamel, and the orbit-type minute scales are carried with the blue enamel. Moreover, it is featuring the functions of Minute Repeater, Tourbillon, window-type perpetual calendar with the automatically returning to date pointers, phase of the moon, Sidereal time, moon phase Display, Power reserve at least 38 hours and maximum of 48 hours.

The new Ref. 6002 and its predecessor are basically the same, which has the dual spring church bells Minute Repeater device and the tourbillon; and the Positive of the watch dial shows the standard time, and it is equipped with perpetual calendar and automatically recoverable date display, and the moon phase Display. On the back of the dial it is used to display an astronomical functions: it can display the northern night sky, fixed star hours, dec row trajectory and the phases of the moon. What different from the Ref. 5002 is that it can display the moon phrase rather than age of the moon and uses Windows-type week, month and leap year display rather than the index type.

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