Swiss Watches: How to Choose Piaget Watches?

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replica watches quality

Piaget Limelight Blooming Rose

Piaget is the intimate friend of women because it can incorporate jewels to watch in such a graceful way. Instead of twisting or changing the shape of watch, Piaget let flowers bloom with the rotation of case. Limelight Blooming Rose is a new member of Yves Piaget. Great innovation is expressed here. The bezel of the case seems to be a bud reading to burst. Four diamond-inserted petal is close to each other and then it will gradually burst. In the afternoon, the rose will be blooming, once again reflecting Piaget’s delicate techniques. Piaget’s own hidden machine will make the upper case rotates for 45 degrees and here you can appreciate the brand’s unique and breakthrough innovation.

Piaget Dancer White Gold Ultra-Thin Watch

Piaget Dancer White Gold Ultra-Thin is fitted with a white gold buckle. It does not cause any difficulty to the whole watch while at the same time looks to be integrated. At the top of the buckle, there is a P marked on it. Those numbers are inserted into the case and even the edge of a round time indexes are polished carefully and shines.

Anyway, Piaget fully expresses its processing on every small details in the case, bezel and movement and bracelet, and at the same time, the shining movement seems to have a lot of attraction. Fitting with an ultra-thin movement, Piaget Dancer White Gold Ultra-Thin would definitely makes you love it at once at the first sight.

Piaget Altiplano White Gold is fitted with a black leather strap. The strap made of 18k white gold has Piaget’s classic logo on it. As an automatic winding watch, Piaget Altiplano only has a case with a stunning thickness of 5.25 mm, a miracle for the automatic watch. What’s more, Piaget limits the thickness of the movement to 2.35 mm. we have to say that this is a legend. Barton hands on the dial can clearly point time, and a small second on the 5 o’clock can be seen, as an additional ornamentation to the silver-coated dial.

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