Swiss Watches: How to Recognize the Swiss Rolex Watches?

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Online Shopping has become more and more common thing nowadays, however, what comes with this daily online operation is the worries of afraid buying the fake item, no matter shopping for clothing, food, electronics etc. Even the trifle thing such as the bad customer service will affect your enjoyable shopping mood, not to mention the item you got is not the authentic one! So what you need to do is to know about how to recognize the item you got is replica or the real one. Here I will share the tips on reorganizing the rolex replica watches for you.

For the first step, you can also see its watch bracelet chain. If you can clearly see the trace of the workmanship of the watch bracelet chain then it must be fake one, although some butterfly clasp fake leather straps workmanship is more delicate, in activity corner there is some rough details without burnish, as long as careful looking you can find the flaw before making your purchase on Rolex watches from any online watches store.

Besides, you can see the back cover of the watch you got, as the back cover of the fake watch is not in accordance with the branded authentic watches’ production, some branded watches such as OMEGA, AP, etc. will make the original screw cap into gland cap; some watches’ back cover is octagonal or a few screws back cover, but the fake watch will make the gland cap of screw cap shape with neither fish nor fowl design so as to save cost, among which especially the screw on the back cover, and the screw of the Swiss watches must be the Chinese word “one” and impossibly be the “ten” word screw. If you see a “ten” word back cover screw on a Swiss watch, you can recognize it is the fake watch.

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